What is Drops?

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Drops is a powerful way to create and collect on Foundation.

Creators deploy a creator-owned ERC-721 smart contract that represents their drop, and collectors can mint NFTs from the drop page. Creators can set a fixed price or use a rebate Dutch auction where everyone ultimately pays the same fair price, check out the Dynamic Pricing FAQ.

Drops is a significantly more gas-efficient and cost-effective way for creators to launch large projects. You can create a drop of up to 10,000 NFTs with the same amount of gas it takes to mint a single NFT.

The drop collection is fixed at the beginning of the project, and creators cannot segment their drop or add NFTs to the collection later.  For collectors, minting an NFT from a fixed-size collection can be a selling point because they have complete certainty that the collection size is locked in place forever, giving them confidence that it won’t be expanded in the future.


Reveals and Randomization

With Drops, the creator uploads a pre-reveal image used initially for all NFTs in the drop; this means you won't immediately see the final artwork during the pre-reveal step. After they've opened the drop for minting, the creator "reveals" the drop when they’re ready, creating a magical moment for collectors. During the reveal process, the assets are randomized. This helps ensure that everyone in the drop has an equal opportunity to receive something special!


What is minting?

Minting is the process of creating a new NFT. With Drops, minting happens when a collector purchases the NFT. When an NFT is purchased, the collector’s wallet interacts with the creator’s smart contract to create and collect the NFTs.


Are Drops fair?

Yes! Our Drops product has two core components to ensure that the experience is fair for all collectors:

  1. Once you mint from a drop, you will receive a pre-reveal asset. The creator will reveal the actual NFT at a later date to ensure that the metadata can’t be revealed during the minting process. This prevents anyone from being able to identify a specific NFT during the drop's sales period, giving every buyer an opportunity to receive something special.
  2. A maximum of 10 NFTs are allowed to be minted per wallet, enabling collectors to access the Drops they care about.

How do I participate in a drop?

Navigate to a drop and click “mint” – it’s that easy! 

  1. Navigate to the drop collection page.
  2. Select the number of NFTs you want to purchase by clicking +.
  3. If the Mint button is available, click Mint to purchase up to 10 NFTs from the drop.
  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  5. Pay the required gas fee to complete the transaction.

Once you’ve minted an NFT from a drop, you’ll want to stay tuned to the creator’s communication channels to find out when the NFT asset will be revealed. Once revealed, the final asset for the NFT will replace the pre-reveal asset.


How many NFTs can I collect from Drops?

Each collector can mint up to 10 NFTs per drop.


How are Drops priced? 

Creators of the drop decide on Fixed or Dynamic Pricing for their drop. 


Who pays the gas for Drops?

The collector pays for gas.


Where can I learn what Drops are happening on Foundation?

Follow us on Twitter. To get notified when a drop starts, follow the creator on Foundation and make sure you’ve provided your email address in your profile settings for email updates.


Is there a limit on the number of NFTs a creator can include in a drop?



Can I use Drops to create an edition?

Drops is a great tool for large collections with randomized and unique token reveals. Editions are not recommended with a drop contract since all of the final revealed assets would be the same image. Learn how to create an edition

Please reach out to Foundation Support if you have any additional questions.


What kind of assets are supported?

The pre-reveal images image must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF. The pre-reveal dimensions should ideally be a square, and at least 640x640px. Please refer to Foundation's file size limits in the technical specs article.

For the unique revealed assets, Foundation supports JPG, PNG, SVG, MP4 + MOV files. You can add  different file types within the same drop if you wish. Please refer to Foundation's file size limits in the technical specs article.

Can I add custom metadata/attributes to the NFTs?

Yes! You can add custom names, descriptions, and any additional attributes to each NFT in your drop via csv format. While some creators will use this to add rich information about the NFTs (such as traits, denoting tribes, mediums used, etc), others may use it to help collectors easily identify rare and unique pieces in the drop. The attributes are not shown to minters until the NFTs are revealed by the creator. Learn how to reveal a drop.


Can I launch my drop in an exhibition?

Yes - after the creator has been invited as a seller to the exhibition, they can create a drop and launch it in the exhibition. The curator fee will apply to the mints of your drop.


Can I remove my drop from an exhibition?

A drop collection cannot be removed from an exhibition - the collection will need to be self-destructed to no longer appear in the exhibition. Learn more about self-destructing a drop here.


Still have questions?

The easiest way to get support from our team is to get in touch with us.

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