Step 2: Schedule your drop

You will be redirected after completing the first step of deploying your drop contract to the second step, scheduling your drop.

Here in the second step, you can set the mint price for the NFTs and open the drop for minting right away or schedule your drop for a future date or time. Once you complete these steps, anyone can mint up to 10 NFTs from your collection if you start your drop immediately or at a future date and time.

When scheduling your drop, you will first be prompted to select a sale method. You can choose between Fixed Pricing and Dynamic Pricing. Carefully read over the differences between the sale methods before proceeding. To learn more about the differences, check out the Drops FAQ.


Select a sale method

Fixed Price

Fixed priced.png

If you’d like to manually set the mint price and/or add a presale to your drop, continue to step 2: schedule your Fixed Price drop.


Dynamic Price

Let the market determine the best price with our rebate Dutch auction, Dynamic Pricing. It is recommended for creators who want to mint out their drop without the pricing anxiety. Once the auction is over, all collectors will pay the same fair price determined by the market. To learn more about Dynamic Pricing, check out the Dynamic Pricing FAQ.

Screenshot template (duplicate me) (3).png

If you’d like to pick a price range for your drop using a rebate Dutch auction, continue on to step 2: schedule your Dynamic Price drop.

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