How to Airdrop Drops Tokens

You can airdrop tokens from your drop, even before the sale starts. We don't support this functionality on our front end, but you can do this through Etherscan or Basescan.

* Please also note that if you have a Dynamic Pricing drop, you won’t be able to airdrop after you've scheduled the drop, or before the Dutch auction ends.

You won't be able to airdrop if the drop is scheduled or if the Dutch auction is live.

The tokens will be immediately minted, they'll be visible in the recipient's wallet, and the supply on the collection widget will show the updated number of minted tokens. Airdrops still count as NFT sales on the front end and will factor into the final revenue.



To airdrop tokens, navigate to the collection in Etherscan or Basescan:

  1. Click on the Contract tab and then click Write Contract.
  2. Click “Connect to Web3” to interact with the contract. Field #8 is where you will airdrop the tokens.
  3. Enter the number of tokens you want to send.
  4. Enter the wallet address you want to send them to.
  5. Click Write and approve the gas fee.

Verify that the tokens have been airdropped and the numbers on the Foundation collection page are accurate.

Please contact Foundation Support if you have any questions!

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