Connect your wallet to Foundation

Instead of signing up for an account with an email and password, all you need to do is connect an Ethereum wallet.


We support MetaMask, WalletConnect (Ledger, etc), and Coinbase Wallet.


  1. Once your wallet is set up, go to and click on “Connect Wallet” on the upper righthand corner.

  2. When prompted, click on the wallet you want to use. Note: For Ledger, select "WalletConnect".

  3. When your wallet appears on the screen, select “Sign”. If your wallet extension doesn't open up, click on your wallet's browser extension icon.

  4. Your Foundation profile is now activated and you’ll be able to add a display name, username, and profile image.

  5. All creators on Foundation are required to verify either a Twitter or Instagram account before they can begin creating NFTs. This helps us prevent spam and scams.

    Note: If your verification fails, try again in 24h!






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