What can I do if I’ve lost my secret recovery phrase?

If you have lost your Secret Recovery Phrase, but can still access your account, you can reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase by following the instructions in this link. Please be sure to save this in a safe place and do not share it with anyone.


If you have lost your Secret Recovery Phrase and are also locked out of your account, unfortunately there is no way to regain access to your wallet. You will need to set up a new wallet and account with Foundation. Again, Foundation has no control over your wallet and is never able to access it and its contents. Once you create a new wallet, we can give you your old profile name back by following the steps below.


You will need to verify your identity by sending us a message from one of the below mediums that is already connected to the original account:


  • Email

  • Instagram

  • Twitter


To begin this process, please email support@foundation.app If your original account does not have any of these verification methods attached to it, we will not be able to process the request.


After verifying your identity we will clear the username from our system and allow you to attach it to your new wallet and profile on Foundation.

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