How do I recognize authentic emails from Foundation?

It is important to familiarize yourself with authentic emails from Foundation and recognize what they look like. This will help mitigate fraudulent activity or scams that could potentially compromise your wallet.


How do email scams work?

Phishing scammers send fraudulent messages to a large number of people, in an attempt to trick them into revealing private information, like a private key to access your wallet. An email or website may be disguised to appear legitimate to make the recipient believe that the communication is coming from a trusted source. At times, it can be difficult to recognize a spoofed email address as scammers get savvy.


What can I do to protect myself from email scams?

You can check the headers of an email to find out more about the source of the message, and you should be suspicious of new or unexpected emails. Foundation never sends emails with attachments, and will never ask you to provide any sensitive information—such as your private key—through email, DMs on social media, Discord messages, or anywhere else.


What are Foundation's verified email addresses and domains?

Foundation will only email you addresses ending with:


To check that you are receiving an email from any of the above, click on the email address and verify it is correct. Also, note that scammers may try to use very similar addresses, or replace characters, to use create addresses that may appear correct. (Ex: (note that the i is replaced with a lower case L) or (Foundation uses .app not .com))


Additionally, you can further inspect an email's source by referencing the "mailed-by" and "signed-by" fields and make sure they reference a legitimate Foundation domain, as shown below in the area circled in red. In Gmail, this can be viewed by clicking on the 🔽 button next to the recipient's name at the top of the email.

What are examples of emails that I should expect from Foundation?

As a creator or collector, you can expect to receive emails about:

  • Auction activity

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • Welcome Email

Foundation will never email you asking for:

  • Payment of any kind

  • Opening a file of any sort

  • Private key / seed phrase

Please reach out to if you ever have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of someone contacting you claiming to be from Foundation. For additional information, we also recommend reading through our article on Avoiding Scams and Keeping Safe.


Still have questions?

The easiest way to get support from our team is to get in touch with us.

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