How can I report an NFT, collection, or profile to Foundation?

Thanks for being so proactive in keeping Foundation a safe and inclusive space for all. Since we take reports of issues very seriously, we ask that you read the whole article before taking action.


How do I report an NFT, Collection, or Profile?

If you need to notify us of an NFT, collection, or profile that you feel is in violation of our Terms of Service or our Content Policies take the following steps:

  1. On an NFT, Collection, or Profile page, click on the more button (...) to bring up the menu.
  2. Click the report button and select the type of Issue
  3. Provide your email address and share as much information as you can about the issue:
  4. Submit the report. 

For clarity, we have also provided a demonstration of this tool below:

While not every report results in action, we want you to know that our Trust & Safety team takes every report seriously and reviews each one at length. We believe that these reports are the best way to insure that Foundation remains a safe and inclusive space.

Lastly, we understand that you may come across an artwork or collection or artist/profile that you don’t like or disagree with. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that user is violating our Terms of Service. If you have questions feel free to always reach out to us at

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