Exhibitions are an organizational tool designed to supercharge worldbuilders’ selling efforts. Similar to an exhibition at a gallery, Exhibitions give worldbuilders the ability to curate works across Drops, Editions, and listings on a single exhibition page and release them at a specific date and time.

These Exhibitions have their own custom allowlist and curator fee. Sellers added to the allowlist can list their NFTs, Drops, or Editions directly into the Exhibition.

To create an exhibition, you’ll need to create a world first if you haven’t already. 

Once you’ve created a world, use your Worlds Dashboard to create an exhibition. To get to your dashboard, click the Dashboard navigation at the top right corner on Foundation. Or navigate to the world, then click Dashboard.



The Schedule section of your dashboard is where exhibitions are created. To create an exhibition, navigate to the Exhibitions page in the Schedule section and click + Create exhibition. 

Here is where you’ll add the exhibition's name, start date, image, and description. The start date for an exhibition cannot be edited after the exhibition has been created. You will need to delete and recreate it, so please ensure the start date and time are correct before confirming.

01 Create Exhibition.png

  • Enter the exhibition name, start date, image, description, and curator fee. The exhibition image must be no larger than 10 MB and a JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Add sellers to the allowlist for the exhibition.
  • Click Create exhibition.

Your exhibition has been created!


Add Inventory

With Exhibitions, sellers added to the allowlist can list directly into the exhibition. When a seller lists an NFT or launches their drop or edition, they will see the available Exhibitions to list into.

01 Sell in a world.jpg

  • Your sellers can also schedule their Drops, Editions, or listings to coincide with the start date or time of the exhibition. You can also rearrange the inventory by clicking the Customize page button.

Once the exhibition is stocked with inventory, you can view it by:

  1. Navigating to the Exhibitions page on your dashboard.
  2. Clicking on the specific exhibition
  3. Clicking on the View exhibition button.


+ Add to Calendar

03 Add to cal.png

Now that your exhibition is live, it’s time to promote it! 

Exhibitions come equipped with a + Add to Calendar button. Your community can add a calendar reminder via Google Calendar when your exhibition starts! To learn more about managing your exhibition, use the Worlds Dashboard!


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