Your Worlds Dashboard offers a comprehensive view and valuable analysis of your world’s metrics. You can use your dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of your world’s performance, customize your homepage, and take stock of your inventory—all in one place.



The Overview page provides a high-level view of your sales performance and page views, including total sales, total page views, most viewed launches, and top sales. By default, you’ll see info from the last 7 days, with a day-over-day breakdown, to give you up-to-date insights into how your marketing campaigns are translating into visits and sales. You can also toggle this view to see your all-time stats, with a month-over-month breakdown for your historical insights.

01 Dashboard overview.jpg


Use the Design page to customize your Worlds branding, which includes the logo, cover image, description, and URL.

02 Dashboard Design.jpg

Recommended specs for customizing your world:

  • World Logo: 1920 x 1920 JPG, PNG, or GIF. 10MB max
  • Cover Image: 2800 x 2000 JPG, PNG, or GIF. 10MB max
  • World Description: 1,500 characters or less
  • World URL: 48 characters or less



In the Schedule section of the dashboard, you can view all the Exhibitions you have created. Exhibitions give worldbuilders the ability to curate shows of Drops, Editions, and listings.

With Exhibitions, sellers added to the exhibition allowlist can list directly into the exhibition. These Exhibitions have their own custom allowlist and curator fee.

09 Exhibition page.jpg

Additionally, here’s where you’ll manage the details or the allowlist of your exhibition. If you ever need to edit or delete an exhibition, you can easily do so from the dashboard.

You can also see your earnings, percent sold, and page views of the inventory when you click on an exhibition. You can use your Worlds Dashboard to create and manage your exhibition. Learn how to create and manage your exhibition.



The Inventory section of your Dashboard shows currently available Drops, Editions, and NFT listings, along with the listing status, price, page views, and sales revenue.

Learn more about creating Drops, Editions, or NFTs.



On the Allowlist page, you can manage your world allowlist and set your general listings fee.

When you first create a world, the curator fee is set to 0%. You can choose to leave this as is and use Exhibitions. Artists added to your world allowlist can list works for sale in your world at any time without being part of an exhibition. Set a single curator fee that you collect from all non-exhibition sales.

03 Dashboard Create Allowlist.jpg

  1. Navigate to the Allowlist page on your dashboard.
  2. Click get started and choose the general listing fee of your world. This is share of proceeds paid to you as the curator for each sale within the world. The curator fee should range from 0% to 50%. This can be edited at any time.
  3. Click Add Artists and add the seller's Foundation username or Ethereum wallet address. Sellers can be removed or added at any time.
  4. If everything looks good, click Confirm, sign the transaction in your wallet, and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction.

If you’ve already completed this step, you can continue to edit your general listings fee, add more artists, or remove artists from the allowlist.

04 Dashboard Allowlist.jpg

To edit your general listings fee:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Choose the general listings fee of your world.
  3. Click confirm, sign the transaction in your wallet, and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction.

To add more sellers to your world:

  1. Click + Add Sellers and add the additional sellers.
  2. Click Save Onchain, sign the transaction in your wallet, and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction.

To remove sellers from your world:

  1. Click ••• next to the seller you wish to remove.
  2. Select Remove from Allowlist.
  3. Click confirm removal, sign the transaction in your wallet, and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction.


Creating a World mints an NFT. That NFT represents the ownership of your World. The Ownership page displays your World NFT. You can also delete your world by burning the world NFT on the ownership page.

10 Dashboard Ownership.jpg

You can also burn your World NFT from your dashboard to delete it. All listings will no longer be associated with this world, and your world will be permanently deleted. Please make sure you’re burning the correct world.

For more information on deleting your world, view this help article.



11 Dashboard Payments.jpg

On the payment page, you can edit your onchain payout information. Curators won’t be able to edit the curators fee of the world, but you can divert your revenue to a different wallet.

12 Dashboard Payments - Edit.jpg

To edit your onchain payout information:

  1. Click edit.
  2. Enter the desired wallet address. Please make sure you double-check the wallet address is valid and correct.
  3. Click Save Onchain.

You’ll now automatically receive payments to that address when an NFT gets sold or minted in this world.



13 Team.jpg

On the team page, you can assign roles and permissions to users you trust to help you manage your world. Please note that adding and removing Admins and Editors are an onchain action and require gas fees. 



Editors are users who can perform web2 functions and edit the allowlist. This includes actions such as creating an exhibition, updating the world cover image, managing inventory, and more. Editors cannot perform any web3 actions beyond editing the allowlist.


Admins are trusted users that have access to most web3 functions and all web2 functions. They have access to all Editor functions, plus the ability to add/remove other Admins/Editors and update the payment address. 

World Owner

The World Owner has full control over the world. They have access to all current web2 and web3 functionalities, including burning the world, adding to the allowlist, adding/removing Admins and Editors, managing inventory, and more. There can only be one World Owner at this time.

Adding an Admin or Editor:

  1. Go to the Team page in your world Dashboard.
  2. Click on the + Add button next to the role that you wish to add a user to.
  3. Enter the username or wallet address that you want to add.
  4. Click + Add.
  5. Once you have finished adding all of the users, click save onchain and approve the transaction.
  6. Done!


To spotlight an item on your Worlds homepage, follow the directions below.

14 World page - Spotlight.jpg

You can spotlight any inventory or exhibition that's in your world.

  1. Navigate to the inventory or exhibition.
  2. Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the item.
  3. Click Add to spotlight.

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