What is Editions?

Editions on Foundation are smart contracts that offer a unique way for collectors to acquire editions of a single NFT artwork. These types of collections are available for minting for up to 7 days for Timed Editions, or until the max token supply is reached for Limited Editions.

When a Timed Edition sale ends, or when a Limited Edition mints out, minting is forever closed. This creates valuable exclusivity for collectors.


What’s the difference between an edition and a collection?

Some key differences include:

NFT assets

Standard collections contain NFTs with many unique asset files, while an edition holds only one NFT asset file to be minted multiple times. 

Gas fees

With collections, creators mint each individual NFT and therefore pay the associated gas fees. With editions, creators simply pay the gas fees to deploy a contract, and collectors pay the gas fees to mint each individual NFT. 

Limited time to mint from the collection

With Collections, creators can keep adding to the collection over time, which is great for ongoing projects.

With Timed Editions, the collection is open for minting for up to 7 days. When the sale ends, minting is closed forever, and the collection remains at that token count on-chain.

With Limited Editions, the collection is open until the max token supply is reached. For collectors, minting an NFT from an edition collection can be a selling point, because the limited window on minting creates exclusivity and rarity for the tokens once minting is closed.

Static pricing

With Collections, creators can price each NFT within the collection uniquely, as well as sell them on our marketplace via Reserve Auctions, Buy Now, or Offers. With editions, creators set a fixed price to mint each token, and collectors pay that fixed price to mint from the edition for a limited time. 


Editions collections are ERC-721 contracts. Both Collections and Editions are creator-owned ERC-721 contracts. 


What happens if no one mints my Timed Edition before it ends?

If no one mints from your Timed Edition before it ends, your collection will end as a collection of zero NFTs. You can self-destruct the contract if you’d like.


Does Foundation offer the ability to create Limited Editions?

Yes! Foundation now offers Limited Editions with the ability to set the max number of tokens in your Editions collection.


What file types are supported for Editions?

We currently support JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, and MOV files for edition collections. You can find our complete set of technical specs for minting an NFT here.


Can I add custom metadata/attributes to my edition NFTs?

Editions on Foundation don’t currently support custom metadata and attributes.


How are Editions priced? 

Creators of the edition decide on a fixed price for each NFT that will be minted. 


Who pays the gas to mint from an edition?

The collector pays for gas when minting.


When can I mint from an edition?

The minting window on a Timed Edition can be open for up to 7 days from the time minting begins. The minting window on a Limited Edition is open until the max token supply is reached.


Do I need to request access to create an edition?

Editions are open access - anyone on Foundation can create an edition collection, just connect your wallet to get started.


Can I add my edition to an exhibition?

Editions collections can be added to an exhibition by launching the edition contract in the exhibition when deploying your edition collection on-chain.


Can I remove my edition from an exhibition?

Once an edition is launched in an exhibition, it cannot be removed. You’ll need to self-destruct your edition and deploy a new edition contract again. 


Can I add my edition to my Gallery Homepage?

Your edition will appear on your Galleries homepage. Using your Galleries dashboard, you can also choose to spotlight an edition collection.

Still have questions?

The easiest way to get support from our team is to get in touch with us.

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