Hateful and Abusive Content Policy


You may not mint NFTs that aim to harass, bully, or intimidate others. This rule also applies to your profile image, your cover image, collection image and collection cover image (“web2 surfaces”)

Foundation is a platform that welcomes all creators, collectors, and curators. In this ecosystem we encourage a place for kindness and collaboration and have a zero-tolerance approach to abusive behavior. 

What happens if you are affected by this policy? 

The enforcement action we take depends on the type of content you shared and where you have shared it. 

Abusive Adult Content

  • NFTs and web2 surfaces that are determined to contain adult content that aims to shame, humiliate, or threaten another individual will result in the content and creator being removed from Foundation. This includes but is not limited to: revenge porn, glorifying sexual violence, and content that depicts another person in an adult context without their consent. 

Incitement of Violence / Calls to Abusive Action

  • NFTs and web2 surfaces that are determined to contain graphic/violent/hateful content that incites others to commit violent acts against individuals or specific groups will result in being removed from Foundation
  • NFTs and content on web2 surfaces that target someone in a clearly abusive or unsolicited way will result in your profile being removed from Foundation.

Hateful Content

  • NFTs and web2 surfaces that are determined to contain hate speech that directly attacks a group of people based on their characteristics will result in it being removed from Foundation. 


  • NFTs and web2 surfaces that are determined to contain personal identifying information of another person will result in the content and the creator being removed from Foundation.

If you believe your NFT/Profile was removed in error, you can submit an appeal by writing to us at trust@foundation.app. Please include a link to your Foundation Profile and a URL to the NFT/content that you are appealing. 

What happens to an NFT if it is removed? 

As all NFTs are minted onto the blockchain and the media is hosted on an IPFS server, the NFT will–depending on the circumstance–either remain in the owner’s wallet or in escrow in our market contract. While the owner and creator of the NFT will be able to view the NFT on Foundation, the larger public will be unable to view it. 

Still have questions?

The easiest way to get support from our team is to get in touch with us.

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