I created a Collection on Foundation and minted an NFT to my own smart contract, but on OpenSea, the owner is listed as “Foundation-Market-Contract.” Do I own my contract?

Yes, when you deploy a smart contract through Foundation, you are the owner. When you list an NFT for auction on Foundation, the NFT gets held in escrow within the “Foundation Market Contract.” This ensures that if your NFT is sold, it will be sent directly to the new collector, and you will receive funds from the sale.

On OpenSea, why do I not appear as the creator of the Collection I made on Foundation?

You are the owner of all smart contracts you deploy on Foundation.

To provide additional security benefits and lower the average cost associated with deploying a smart contract, we use a smart contract factory. OpenSea’s website frontend does not yet automatically detect the creator within the contract, given this style of deployment.

We are working with OpenSea to develop a solution and know how important this is to the community.

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