Home Tab is a new home for all of your favorite NFTs. Feature up to 25 favorites that you created or own, all in one place.

Link people directly to your Home Tab for a fully curated experience.


Where do I find my Home Tab?

Home Tab will publicly display on your profile once you have added an NFT to it. From your profile, it is located below your profile picture, next to “Created”, “Collections”, “Owned”, and “Splits”.



How do I add NFTs to, and customize, my Home Tab?


On any NFT located within your profile or a collection you created, click ••• and then “Add to Home Tab”.



To reorder your Home Tab, hover over any NFT to reveal the “Drag to reorder” option.



You can enlarge one NFT on your Home Tab to feature it. To do this, click ••• on any NFT in your Home Tab, then click “Enlarge”

mceclip3.jpgNote: It is not currently possible to sort or enlarge NFTs on mobile and tablets.


Can I enlarge more than one NFT? 

We only support one enlarged NFT at this time.


Why are my enlarged NFTs not displaying correctly?

You may notice differences in the display quality of your enlarged NFT, our teams are aware and actively working on this update.


Why can’t I see the Home Tab?

Home Tab is only available for users who have created, bought, or had a split on an NFT that appears on Foundation.

You must also add an NFT to your Home Tab before it will display on your profile.


Why doesn’t my profile default to my Home Tab?

It may take a bit of time for the Home Tab to become your default tab, but we’ll continue to make improvements.


Why can’t I reorder my NFTs on mobile?

It is not currently possible to sort or resize NFTs on mobile. If you are encountering issues on desktop, please contact us.


How can I link to the Home Tab? 

Once curated, your Home Tab is the ideal profile URL to share. Simply navigate to the Home Tab and copy/paste the URL directly from your browser bar.


Where can I find my website, Twitter and Instagram account?

Your links are located in the drop-down menu of your wallet address or ENS name.


How many NFTs can I add to the Home Tab?

Currently, you can add up to 25 NFTs to your Home Tab.

What can be added to my Home Tab?

NFTs you have created, including splits, and NFTs you have collected.


Can collectors use the Home Tab too?

Yes, you can customize your Home Tab with created and collected NFTs. 


Can I add a collection to the Home Tab?

Collections cannot currently be added to the Home Tab. In the future we'll continue to expand the ways in which you can express yourself with the Home Tab.

If you'd like to share any thoughts, ideas, or feedback on the Home Tab, don't hesitate to reach out to Support or tag @FoundationHelp on Twitter! We’d love to hear from you.

Still have questions?

The easiest way to get support from our team is to get in touch with us.

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