How can I import my NFTs to Foundation?

We are now importing Manifold and Superrare contracts. No additional action is required on your part to get these NFTs visible on Foundation.

For Superrare Series contracts that were minted before ~07/29/2022, we are still working on getting those indexed.



Why are my NFTs not displaying?

Foundation has a file upload limit of 50MB, and supports JPG, GIF, SVG, PNG, MP4, GLTF, TIFF, MOV, WEBM, M4V and GLB files. If your file does not meet these criteria, it will not display properly at this time.

You may see a “unable to render content” error. This is the expected outcome until we can support more file types and larger file sizes.

Please also note that we are currently only supporting ERC-721 contracts. If you have minted to an ERC-1155 contract, we will not import those.



Can I refresh the metadata?

The metadata can be refreshed but this is currently done internally. Please reach out to Foundation Support in order to refresh the metadata.


Can I mint to my Manifold or Superrare contract on

No, not at this time — but if you mint more NFTs on those platforms, we will import them.



Why is my collection attached to my hardware wallet and not my Foundation account?

In order to determine the creator of the collection, we use the “owner” (as defined by the owner() function on the contract) of the collection ERC721 contract.

If your NFTs are not showing in the desired wallet, unfortunately there is no way to move them at this time.



Can I move my collection to a different account?

The collection will be linked to the wallet that deployed the contract, and it is not possible to move NFTs to another wallet at this time.


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