What is FoundationOS?

With FoundationOS, we’re opening up our tools for developers to build on top of Foundation Protocol. All of the components, API endpoints, and smart contracts that power will be available to you.



How is it different from runs on the Foundation Protocol. FoundationOS enables developers to build using our protocol.



What can I build using FoundationOS?

Build a gallery, record label, curated NFT marketplace, internet-native museum, multiplayer game, headless brand, or a web3 destination yet to be imagined!



Will FoundationOS change anything about how works?




Do you offer rewards for sales on NFTs sold via FoundationOS integrations?

Yes, take a look at the Integrations FAQ in our Developer Docs.



Do you provide support for FoundationOS in the event that I run into an issue with it?

At this time, however, we encourage you to submit any issues here.

Please also refer to our developer documentation.


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