Foundation makes it easy to list your NFTs on our marketplace for exposure to potential collectors. You can use your Foundation profile and Home tab to showcase your creative expression, and create a unique buying experience for your audience.

Anyone on Foundation can begin selling NFTs that they own – you’ll just need to connect your wallet before getting started.

There are currently five ways to sell NFTs on Foundation: Drops, Buy Now, Offers, Reserve Auctions, and Worlds.

  • Drops are collections of fixed sizes and fixed NFT prices that can be minted by individual collectors - the NFT assets are revealed at a later date of your choosing. Drops is only available to select creators at this time. If you are interested in creating a drop, you may request early access to Drops.
  • NFTs with a Buy Now price can be instantly sold.
  • An Offer can be made on any NFT on Foundation - you can choose whether to accept an offer or let it expire.
  • A 24 hour live auction begins on NFTs with a Reserve Auction price once a bid is received to start the clock.
  • Worlds allows you to set a reserve auction price on your NFT with a curator who will share a portion of the final sale price. 

When the NFT is not in a world, you can use the Buy Now, Offer, and Reserve Auction features in parallel, meaning any NFT can be simultaneously listed as a Reserve Auction, have a Buy Now price, and receive Offers on Foundation, although while an auction is active, other selling methods aren’t available. Mix and match until you find which technique works best for you.

Let’s get into the details for each of these options:



Drops are collections with a fixed number of NFTs set with fixed prices that collectors can mint themselves. Once you’ve started your Drop, they’ll see a pre-reveal image on their minted NFT until the true asset is revealed at a later date of your choosing.

While we continue rolling out Drops access to more creators, if you’d like to learn more about the process, check out our Drops help articles to get started.

To sign up for our Drops waitlist, check out our Drops FAQ and submit your information here.


Buy now

The simplest and fastest way to sell NFTs on Foundation - set a fixed price on the NFT, and buyers can purchase with just a few clicks.


To set a Buy Now price on your NFT:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page and click “Sell NFT”.
  2. On the List for sale page, click “Buy Now”.
  3. Enter the desired Buy Now price and click “Set price”.
  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  5. Pay the required gas fee to complete the transaction and set your price.

Once your Buy Now price is set, your NFT will be securely held by Foundation’s Marketplace contract until it’s either sold or unlisted.

When a buyer completes a Buy Now transaction, the funds are immediately yours!



On Foundation, buyers can submit offers on any NFT - Offers use the Foundation Marketplace smart contract, which ensures a secure, blockchain-backed experience for all parties. When you accept a buyer’s offer, the funds are immediately paid out and the NFT is transferred to the new owner.

Take a look at our Foundation Marketplace contract Help Center resource to learn more.


To accept an offer:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page or your Activity page and click “Accept Offer”.
  2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  3. Pay the required gas fee to accept the offer.

The ETH will be deposited to your wallet and the NFT will be transferred to the new owner.

If you’d rather not accept the offer, it will automatically expire after 24 hours, in which case, the funds will be returned to the buyer’s Marketplace Balance.


Reserve Auctions

To make your NFTs eligible for 24-hour auctions, you can set a Reserve Price, which allows the buyer to place a bid at that starting price, and start the 24-hour auction countdown.

This selling method also uses the Foundation Marketplace smart contract to seamlessly move your NFT, and the buyer’s funds, through each phase of the auction.


Setting a reserve price is easy:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page and click “Sell NFT”.
  2. On the List for sale page, click “Auction”.
  3. Enter the desired Reserve price and click “Set price”.
  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  5. Pay the required gas fee to complete the transaction and acquire the NFT.

After the Reserve price is set, your NFT will be securely held by Foundation’s Marketplace contract as it moves through the different phases of the auction.

A 24-hour auction will begin once a buyer places a bid at the Reserve price. For each bid placed within the final 15 minutes of the countdown, the countdown timer will reset back to 15 minutes, until no further bids are received and the timer finally runs out. The highest bidder at the conclusion of the timer wins the auction.


Settling an auction

Auctions aren’t finalized until they’ve been settled - anyone can settle an auction on Foundation. Settling an auction will instantly transfer the ETH to your wallet, and send the NFT to the winning bidder.


If you’d like to settle the auction yourself, the steps are simple:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page, or the Activity page, and click “Settle auction”.
  2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  3. Pay the required gas fee to complete the transaction. 

Once the auction is settled, your transaction is complete - the ETH is transferred to your wallet and your NFT is sold!



Worlds are curated on-chain groups of NFTs on Foundation - curators can add sellers to an allowlist which grants sellers the ability to add their NFTs to this curated experience. Sellers are creators and collectors that list their NFTs in a world.


If the NFT has an existing Buy Now or Reserve price, those prices will need to be removed before the NFT can be added to a world.


If you’ve been added as a seller for a world, follow these steps to add your NFTs to the world:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page and remove the Buy Now or Reserve price if needed.
  2. Click “Sell your NFT”, then click “Add to a world”.
  3. Select the world that you’d like to list your NFT with. Only Worlds that the seller has been invited to will appear on this page.
  4. Set the price for your NFT and click “Set price”.
  5. Sign the transaction in your wallet and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by Foundation.

With your NFT now listed in a world, you can view the NFT page to see the world details, or navigate to the world page to view the NFT in the world.


Collectors can place bids on NFTs in a world. Placing a bid in a world follows the same flow as Reserve Auctions.

Once the auction is settled, the transaction is complete – ETH will be instantly transferred into your wallet!

Although collectors can also make offers on NFTs listed in a world, the curator does not get paid if you accept an offer. Do communicate with your curator before accepting an offer.


Approving the Foundation Marketplace contract

Every action you make on the blockchain prompts a transaction that requires your approval. The notification will display in your digital wallet and may vary depending on your wallet provider. Take caution to ensure that you are only approving transactions from trusted sources. 

 As you transact on Foundation, we ask that you grant access to engage within the Foundation ecosystem.


To learn more about Foundation’s approved marketplace addresses, take a look at this article.


We hope these guidelines help you along as you market and sell your NFTs - take a step now by listing one of your NFTs on the Foundation marketplace.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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