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How many tags can I add to an NFT? 

You can add up to 10 tags.


How can I add tags to my NFTs?

Once you’ve minted an NFT, you can add tags to it. Note that unlike the NFT itself, tags are editable and can be updated at any time.

During the minting flow, you’ll see the option to add Tags:

  • Type in the tags that are the most relevant to your NFT. 
  • Select from any of the recommended tags.


  • Review and confirm all of the tags. 


How can I edit Tags?

If you have already added tags to your artwork, you can go back and change them at any time.


  • Click the "..." icon on the NFT from your profile page.
  • Click "Edit tags."


Can I add tags to an artwork I have already minted?

Yes, you can add tags to both new and previously minted NFTs.

  • Click the "..." icon on the artwork card from your profile page.
  • Click on "Add Tags.

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