Below is a step-by-step guide for how to create a collection on Foundation.

Find the "create" button at top right of any Foundation page.

Troubleshooting: If you do not see the create button, make absolutely sure that you are properly logged into your wallet, and to the correct wallet!

We are also aware of an issue where the button sometimes does not display on small screens. Please also note that we do not guarantee this process to be stable on mobile devices at this time.


You will then see this page below. If you've minted to a collection before, you will also see an option to add new NFTs to those collections.




Set up your smart contract

Next, you will need to set up your smart contract by adding a:

  • Collection Name

    • The name of your collection!
  • Collection Symbol

    • This acts as the smart contract token name on the Ethereum blockchain.

    • If your collection is called "Sunset", you might use something like "SNST" or "SET" for the symbol.
  • Double-check your Collection details & hit continue!


Deploy your smart contract

Next, you will get to deploy your smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain:

  • Approve the transaction from your wallet


Customize your collection page

  • Click on the "Edit Collection" button

  • Add a collection logo, cover image, and description

  • Add the custom URL for your collection


Mint NFTs to your collection

Now that you've created your collection, you can now start minting NFTs to your smart contract. As you go through the flow, make sure to choose the correct Collection you want to mint to.




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