Can I transfer my Foundation profile to a new wallet?


Think of your wallet as being your unique login and verification for Foundation. The wallet address that you provide when setting up your profile is unique to you. Foundation does not have access to your wallet. We do not currently support profile transfers to new wallets.

My friend was able to transfer their profile to a new wallet, why can’t I?

As the web3 ecosystem continues to grow, we will continually refine and adjust our policies to create an experience that maps to how the space is developing. We aim to put our creators into the strongest position to absorb the developing innovation of the space. Foundation profiles can no longer be transferred to new wallets. This is done so that wallet activity may be kept on-chain and visible.

The blockchain is meant to serve as the source of truth for all transactions. By migrating a profile to a new wallet, tracing the provenance becomes complicated. We want collectors to be able to do their due diligence without relying on Foundation as a centralized entity.


We understand that it can be frustrating to start over - creating a brand new profile and rebuilding your Foundation community isn’t easy, but we’re happy to help where we can.

The Foundation team is happy to assist you in clearing the visible data from your old profile, and keeping your original username for your new profile - feel free to send us a message.

You can read more on how to set up a new wallet here.

If you want to transfer your profile because you believe your wallet has been compromised, you can find alternative solutions here.

As always, you can reach out to our team if you need any additional help at


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