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Foundation is partnering with Highlight to bring generative art to Exhibitions!

On Foundation, generative artists will now have the tools they need to create (via Highlight) and work with curators to form the relationships they need, at the take rates they want, to help market their work to the right audiences, elevate their artist profile and ultimately add value and provenance to their work.

Generative art is part of the NFT origin story. It’s arguably one of the most native forms of art that defined the space. Understanding generative art requires context, involving storytelling and code logic that’s not apparent at face value. The curator provides this additional layer and validates the artist’s work.

Galleries provide the mechanisms for including this curatorial value and history—provenance—within a work and for artists and curators to be able to set the terms of their relationship.


What generative series will be available on Foundation?

The generative series that Foundation will import are:

  • Limited generative series (Fixed price and Dutch auction sale type) on Ethereum and Base: These collections contain a finite number of tokens.
  • Open generative series (Fixed price sale type only) on Ethereum and Base: Collectors can mint infinite tokens from these collections.


What’s the difference between Fixed price and Dutch auction sale types?

Fixed price:

Fixed price.jpg

The price is set at the beginning of the project and remains the same for the entire project. Creators choose a fixed price, and collectors pay that fixed price for each NFT minted from the generative series.

Dutch auction:

Dynamic pricing.jpg

When you use the Dutch auction sale type on Highlight, you will create a decreasing price schedule. The bidding starts from the highest value and will decrease at a set pace until it reaches the lower value. The price will not fall below the minimum amount set.

The Dutch auction design contains notches to show when the price will drop. A hover effect allows you to see the price of a particular subsection and how much time remains before the drop enters that subsection. The widget shows the current price, the resting price, and relevant time information.

Collectors can mint at the starting price when the auction begins or as it decreases to its minimum amount. After the sale concludes, early collectors can claim a rebate on the minting page if the final price is lower than when they collected the NFT(s).


How do I collect from a generative series?

To collect from a generative series, you’ll need to connect your wallet to the Highlight embed and click the mint button. Highlight has a mint fee of approximately $1 USD per mint.

To learn more, visit Highlight’s Knowledge Base.


How does minting a generative token work?

When minting a token from a generative collection, data from the blockchain will be passed to the artist’s code, resulting in an original piece of art. Note that the outputs shown here are possible outputs, and the token you receive will look different.

Press the “Randomize” button to see more possible outputs from a collection. Please note that the preview outputs in the Highlight embed before you click mint, will not be the exact output you mint.


Why are my mints taking a while to appear on Foundation?

After a collector mints, it can take 2-60 minutes to appear on the collection page. This latency is due to a Highlight feature that delays snapshotting a preview image of the NFT. 

We show a placeholder in the grid of NFTs. This placeholder will tell you that we are syncing {count} NFTs while we poll for new indexed NFTs in the background. As soon as the NFTs are indexed, the placeholder will be replaced by the new NFTs that have just been minted. The NFT will appear in the "Activity" section once confirmed on-chain.


How do I import a generative series on Foundation?

Learn how to import a generative series here.


Can I import a generative series to Foundation without adding it to an exhibition?

Generative series can only be imported into an Exhibition at this time.


Can I import a generative series that already has mints on Highlight? 



Can I import a sold-out or ended generative series?



There’s a bug in my generative series code. What do I do?

It's important to note that Foundation cannot fix bugs in a user's code or generative script. We highly recommend following Highlights guides and deploying your code on the testnet before deploying it on the mainnet. Once you deploy your generative series to mainnet, we cannot fix any issues that may arise, so it's crucial to double-check that it's correct.


Does Foundation Support HTML?

Highlight uses HTML assets in the animationURL metadata field, which we don't currently support. However, if you have generated animated images, we will surface a snapshot PNG image for the NFT cards of the generative series. We surface the actual HTML animation on the mint page itself.


Can I edit my Dutch auction prices?

Yes, if your Dutch Auction is scheduled, you can edit the Dutch Auction pricing.


Will Foundation honor my royalties set on Highlight?

If tokens from your generative series are sold on Foundation’s secondary market, the royalty percentage will default to 10%.


Will Foundation honor my gating on Highlight?

No Foundation won’t honor the gating setup on Highlight. Direct minting must be enabled to import a generative series on Foundation. Creators won’t be able to add a gate without direct minting enabled.


What are Foundation and Highlight’s fees for importing a Series?

Highlight does not charge a fee to use its creator tools and only charges a small flat fee per mint to collectors.

Importing a Series to Foundation will only require you to pay the gas fee. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by Foundation. Note that the only fees that occur on Foundation are the curator fees from when a generative series is minted from through a gallery.

Why can't I launch my Highlight generative series, created on Base, in a gallery?

Ensure you are added to an allowlist for a Base exhibition created in a Base gallery before importing your Base Highlight generative series to Foundation. A Highlight generative series, created on Base, can only be added to an exhibition in a gallery created on Base. Likewise, a Highlight generative series, created on Ethereum, can only be added to a gallery or exhibition created on Ethereum.


If you have any questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!

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