Worlds is a web3-native curation tool. Curators can create a gallery setting that provides a space to discover new artists and attract NFT enthusiasts with similar interests.

Worlds are created on-chain. Creating a world adds data to Foundation’s Marketplace smart contract that facilitates transactions for the NFTs within the world.


Before getting started, you’ll want to connect your wallet to Foundation as your first step.


Creating a world

The Create modal is your starting point for creating a new world - the flow provides a step-by-step guide to adding a world to the Foundation Marketplace.

Click “Create” in the upper right hand corner of every page, select “Worlds”, and click on “Create”.


There are two important top-level components of your new world:

  • World name: The title and top-level identity of your world and its participating NFTs.
  • Curator fee: The share of proceeds that will be paid to you as the curator for each sale within the world. The curator fee should range from 0% to 50%.

These details will be recorded on the blockchain - you’ll want to double check that they’re correct and free of errors as you cannot change them later.


Adding sellers to a world

Sellers are creators and collectors that list their NFTs in a world. Adding sellers to your world creates an allowlist of users that can list their NFTs in your world with a reserve price. Up to 50 sellers can be added to this allowlist. Sellers on this allowlist can add any NFTs currently in their wallet to your world.

After your world is created, you can view the list of sellers on the world page by clicking "Creators", and switching over to the "Allowlist" tab.



After adding your world’s name and setting your curator fee, follow these steps to add sellers to your world:

  1. Enter the seller’s Foundation username or Ethereum wallet address. Up to 50 addresses and usernames can be added. As the creator of the world, you can also add your own NFTs as a seller, for a total of 51 maximum sellers in a world.
  2. Click “Review” to confirm all details of your world.
  3. If everything looks good, click “Save on-chain”.
  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to create your world. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and are not set or collected by Foundation.

It’s important to double-check the wallets on this allowlist, your world’s name, and the curator fee, as these details are recorded on-chain and cannot be changed later. If anything doesn’t look right, click “Edit” to make changes before saving on-chain.


Your world has been created!


Customizing a world

Now that your world has been created, you can navigate to the world page and begin customizing it. Make your world stand out by adding a unique logo, header image, and a description. These details can be edited at any time.

On the world creation confirmation page, click “View World”, or navigate to your profile and click the “Worlds” tab, then click “Edit world”.


These are our recommended specs for your world logo, description and header image:

  • World Logo: 1920 x 1920 JPG, PNG, or GIF. 10MB max
  • Header Image: 2800 x 2000 JPG, PNG, or GIF. 10MB max
  • World Description: 1,500 characters or less
  • World URL: 48 characters or less

Listing NFTs in a world

Now sellers can add NFTs to your world - there’s no limit to the number of NFTs that can be added to a single world.

If the NFT has an existing Buy Now or Reserve price, those prices will need to be removed before the NFT can be added to a World.



Sellers can follow these steps to add their NFTs to your world:

  1. Navigate to the NFT page and remove the Buy Now or Reserve price if needed.
  2. Click “Sell your NFT”, then click “Add to a world”.
  3. Select the world that you’d like to list your NFT with. Only worlds that the seller has been invited to will appear on this page.
  4. Set the price for your NFT and click “Set price”.
  5. Sign the transaction in your wallet and pay the required gas fees to complete the transaction. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by Foundation.

With the NFT now listed in a world, you can view the NFT page to see the world details, or navigate to the world page to view the NFT in the world.


Customizing a world’s Home tab

Your world’s Home tab is the landing page of your world. The Home tab is a collector’s first impression of the world experience you’ve curated. Create the Home tab in your world by configuring the Home tab. Up to 100 NFTs can be added to your world’s Home tab.

To add NFTs to your world’s Home tab, navigate to your world’s Listings tab, click ••• on any NFTs that appear there, then select “Add to Home tab”.



To reorder the NFTs in your Home tab, simply click on the “Drag to reorder” icon and move the card.



You can enlarge one NFT on your world’s Home Tab to feature it. To do this, click ••• on any NFT on your Home tab, then select “Enlarge”.


Note: It is not currently possible to sort or enlarge NFTs on mobile and tablets.

Now that you’ve successfully created and customized your World, you can continue to prompt sellers to add their NFTs to your world and begin marketing your curation on Foundation.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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