Step 2: Schedule your drop


  • When you’re ready to schedule your drop, click “Set a start time” on your drop landing page.

Here, you’ll be able to set the mint price for the NFTs and open the drop for minting right away or at a future date or time. Once you complete these steps, anyone will be able to mint up to 10 NFTs from your collection immediately, or at a future date and time.

What you’ll need

  • A price for the NFTs in your drop
  • A start date and time

Schedule your drop

You can start your drop right away or schedule the drop to start at a future date and time. To schedule your drop, simply pick a date and time in the future for your drop. 


Start your drop now

To immediately start your drop, select “Start immediately”. When your drop starts, anyone can mint from it. You cannot change your mint price once you’ve completed this step. Starting the drop will enable collectors to start minting NFTs from your drop before you reveal it in step 3. 


Set the mint price

Enter the price per NFT. Once your mint price is set, it cannot be changed.


Once your drop schedule and price are filled out, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen. If everything looks right, then you’ll perform the following steps:


  1. Click the "Save on-chain” button. 
  2. Approve the Gas fee: A message will appear within your connected wallet for you to approve the gas fee to start your drop.
  3. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by Foundation.

Your drop is now scheduled or ready for minting! The success and confirmation screens will vary depending on if you’re starting your drop immediately, or scheduling your drop at a future date and time.


We’ll send an email to all of your followers on Foundation to let them know your drop is scheduled or starting, but we also recommend that you continue to build awareness by sharing your drop with your community, friends, and collectors. 

Now that your drop is ready for minting, it's time to start preparing for the reveal.

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