Yes, you can add tags to both new and previously minted NFTs.

  • Click the "..." icon on the artwork card from your profile page.

  • Click on "Add Tags."

  • Start typing in the "add tags" section

  • Type in any word or combination of words

  • Tags are optional

  • Click the 'Skip' link in the bottom right hand corner to skip forward

  • If you choose to skip tags now you can add them later on

  • You can enter a maximum of 10 total tags

  • Please review the tags you have added

  • If you made a mistake and want to go back click 'Edit Tags' to be taken back to the previous step.

  • Click continue once you are finished adding tags.

  • Review your tags and click "Confirm."

  • From here, you can choose to go on to list your work for auction or you can wait to list at a later time.

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