If you have minted/collected an NFT and you are still able to connect to your Foundation account using your compromised wallet we can migrate your Profile. This will include NFT ownership, followers/following, invites to/from, and your creator status.

Here are the steps for migration:

  1. Email: [email protected] with "Account Migration - Profile name" in the subject line

  2. Please include your compromised Foundation profile link in the body

  3. Our team will reach out to you to verify your identity through one of your social media accounts

  4. Once verified you will receive a private link to start migration that will pop up the following screen

  5. Paste in your new wallet address that you would like to migrate your NFTs to and click continue

  6. You will be asked to sign a transaction from your wallet

  7. After signing you should get this screen

  8. You can click disconnect wallet

  9. The team will reach out to you once your account has been migrated!

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