As a creator on Foundation, there’s now a seamless way to split earnings between collaborators, donate directly to causes you care about, and create more possibilities for distribution that have yet to be realized in the NFT space. Splits open up new revenue streams and reward collaborative efforts between artists, musicians, galleries, record labels, causes, and more.

With splits, you can share earnings with up to 3 other recipients. Everyone participating in a split will receive funds from the primary market sale, and will also receive earnings for all secondary market sales in perpetuity.

We've outlined the steps below to get started:

  • Click "Create" to mint an NFT

  • Upload your work and add a title and description

  • Toggle the "Create a Split" button and click "Continue"

  • Type a Foundation username or paste any Ethereum wallet address in the field. You must select at least one other account, and can add up to four in total. As the creator of the split, you will also be included.

  • Select the percentage that each recipient will receive for the split. All percentages must add up to 100%.

  • After you've completed the above, mint the NFT and you've just created a split!

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