WalletConnect gives you the ability to connect a variety of crypto wallets to Foundation, regardless of the web browser you are using (see the full list of supported wallets here).

In order to use WalletConnect:

  1. Click “Connect” at the top right of the Foundation website and then select WalletConnect.

  2. A QR code will pop up on your computer's screen.

  3. Go to the mobile app of the wallet you are attempting to connect.

  4. Using the scan feature within your mobile wallet’s app, scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen.

  5. Select “Connect” when you are prompted to do so by your mobile wallet.

  6. After connecting you will need to click "Sign" to finish the connection

  7. Your wallet will then be automatically connected to Foundation on your computer.

  8. Every request that requires signing off on a transaction will need to be completed on your mobile device. Please not that these will not generate a push notification on your mobile device - you will need to go into your mobile wallet's app and wait for the request to come through.

Once you have connected your wallet of choice to Foundation via WalletConnect, you can bid on NFTs, follow other people, and edit your profile just as you would if you had logged in directly via MetaMask.

Additionally, you will not need to scan the QR code again to connect your wallet unless you clear your browser's cookies, move to another computer, click "disconnect" from your profile or delete the connection in your wallet. Keep in mind that every time you confirm a transaction, you will need to do it on your mobile device rather than through a browser pop-up (which is how you would do so if you log in directly via MetaMask).

Please note that the wallet address connected to your mobile wallet will be the one used to initiate any transactions once you are connected to Foundation via WalletConnect.

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