We recently shipped a more streamlined version of the Community Upvote that puts the focus on artists and their work. The leaderboard is no longer visible on the upvote page. Instead, we encourage prospective creators to fully build out their profiles on Foundation so that voters are able to get a more comprehensive understanding of the artist they want to upvote. Now, upvotes can only be given directly on the artists profile page.

To join the Community Upvote, follow the steps below:

  • Create a profile on Foundation

  • Add a profile image, cover photo, and a short bio

  • Verify both your Twitter and Instagram accounts

  • Add a link to your website or portfolio to provide additional context for your work

  • Head to foundation.app/upvote to join

Once you've completed all of the above steps, rally your community to get more eyes on the profile you spent time perfecting! Creators selected by the community through the upvote will be emailed information about next steps to start minting NFTs on Foundation.

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