• OpenSea is a marketplace that aggregates all NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • When you mint an NFT on Foundation, it is automatically displayed on OpenSea.
  • On OpenSea, collectors can make open offers on only your minted NFTs, as a creator or a collector. You can choose to accept an offer on OpenSea, but note that you should only accept an OpenSea offer if you no longer want the NFT to display on Foundation
  • NFTs minted on Foundation receive a 10% royalty in perpetuity, anytime a piece is resold. The royalty will be sent directly to the wallet that minted the NFT.
  • Foundation has an agreement with OpenSea that all secondary market sales will receive the 10% royalty if the work is resold on OpenSea.
  • OpenSea runs a payout every 1-2 weeks
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