• Once an NFT is sold on Foundation, either the creator or the collector have the option to complete the transfer of ownership and funds.

  • As a collector, once you win an auction, you will be prompted to “Settle NFT” from the bidding page. Click the button and pay a gas fee to add the NFT to your collection. It is important that you settle the NFT promptly because once you do, the funds from the sale will then be deposited into the wallet of the creator.

  • As a creator, if a collector has not settled the NFT and you would like to receive the ETH from the sale, you can “Settle ETH.” To do this, visit the bidding page, and once there, find the NFT that you would like to receive payment for. Click the “Settle ETH” button on the NFT card and pay the gas fee to submit the transaction. Once finished, the NFT will be transferred to the collector and funds from the sale will be deposited directly into your wallet.

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