Each day, many new works are minted on Foundation and our community is growing quickly. If you’d like to be considered for support from the Foundation Twitter account, tag @withFND and follow the guidelines below:

  • Contextualize your work: Include a description of the piece. What does it mean to you? Can you describe the process of creating the work? The more you can write about why the work matters to you, the more its meaning will resonate with the community.

  • Add the image or video to the tweet: For collectors to get a better sense of the work, don’t rely on the image from the preview link. Sharing your process or development is part of the journey. If your work is a video or image, add it directly into the tweet!

  • Add the artwork link to the tweet: Paste the link to the page where your work can be collected into the body of the tweet. Close out the link preview if you are planning to add the image or video file.

  • Use hashtags with intention: If you’re going to include hashtags, use up to two that you think will have the most impact.

  • Tag collaborators: Make sure to credit everyone that worked on the piece.

  • Add the auction start date and price: If you are minting your work first, and listing it later, include the auction start date in your tweet.

  • Create a tweet thread: Start a thread if one tweet isn’t enough to get in all that you want to say about the work.

Twitter is a powerful tool for discovery in the NFT space and these are guidelines to get you started. So while you can follow all of the guidelines above, also experiment and have fun. You may discover a new approach that hasn’t been tried yet and find success. Along with our best practices, we encourage you to build a community of artists in your network and to uplift and support each other along the way.

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