• After you win an auction, you will need to settle the NFT to add it to your collection and have it appear on your profile.

  • Click “Bids” in the upper right section on any page.

  • If you won an auction, select “settle your NFT” next to the artwork.

  • Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction and pay a gas fee to complete the process.

  • Wait for the transaction and transfer to complete. Track the status by clicking “View on Etherscan.” Etherscan is a useful resource to track all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s free to use and is one of the many ways that Ethereum is making data more open and accessible to all.

  • Optional: Click “Tweet It” to share on Twitter that you are now the owner of the artwork.

  • Note: Settle your NFT soon after you win an auction. Settling removes the NFT from escrow and transfers it to your wallet. It simultaneously removes the corresponding ETH funds from escrow so they can be transferred to the artist.

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